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Opened: 2/15/2014
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A Dark Tower Fandom RP

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A Dark Tower Fandom RP Empty A Dark Tower Fandom RP

Post by Vivaldi on Fri May 23, 2014 11:49 pm

i]The world has moved on and we were left behind...[/i]

Link: The whole world is Going Nineteen
Board Name: Going Nineteen
Opened On: 5/23/2014
Admin's Name: Vivaldi
What Is Wanted: Active roleplayers over the age of 16

What do we have to offer?

An extremely active administrator
32 roleplaying areas
Several playable races
A setting that has not been overdone
The ability for characters to alter the world through RP

Welcome home. Long days and pleasant nights. The world has changed in many ways since Roland's Ka-Tet was able to protect the Beams and find the Tower many years ago. Though Arthur Eld, Marten Broadcloak, Roland Deschain and his Ka-Tet are now legendary figures, a new generation of Gunslingers have arisen. Where old Doors were closed, new Doors are beginning to open. The Crimson King has returned with a vengeance, having never been defeated in the first place. Angels, demons, were-spiders and vampires walk alongside humans and Billy-Bumblers. The Beams are being assaulted once again. The Dark Tower still stands, but its presence is being challenged by a new breed of Breakers. Relics from the past have begun to surface once more and strange artifacts from other worlds are being discovered. The Keystone World remains undiscovered, the Key has crumbled and the Rose of Ka is beginning to wilt. Reality is slowly, but surely being torn apart by many different forces and it is beginning to be stretched thin. The past, present and future are beginning to collide in ways that they never have before...

What Is "Going Nineteen?" Going Nineteen is a roleplaying forum based on the Dark Tower series by Stephen King; in which fantasy, horror and the Old West collide. As it is a souped-up fandom roleplaying forum, many of the places, races and organizations are the same that were in the series, however there are many differences. As Ka has turned like a wheel and the world has moved on, there are several new races that have made the world their home. In addition, no one is permitted to play a Canon character, as they are now all history, spoken of in tales and read about in books.

Relics and technological artifacts are ripe for the uncovering and though many people may think they know everything there is to know about the world, there are several locations that have yet to be discovered. Danger, adventure and intrigue wait around just about every corner. As Going Nineteen is very much driven by the roleplayers, the world will change and evolve depending on what happens in-character. The fate of the world and all its people rests in the hands of the roleplayers and the very essence of reality may even change from what it had been and become something else entirely.


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