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Welcome to New Genesis, citizens are required to declare mutant abilities upon entry, if you are a mutant receive your identification tattoo and please proceed to District X. If you are a human declare yourself in your application and remember what good Genesis does for our country. Good Day.

Opened: 2/15/2014
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A Handful Of Dust

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A Handful Of Dust Empty A Handful Of Dust

Post by Stepford Cuckoos on Mon Mar 24, 2014 2:45 am

A Handful Of Dust 34i0k00

Once Upon A Time, Man stopped giving the stories faith. But it was the stories that gave life meaning. Without the stories, there was no more worth within life. The Great Spider Anansi looked to the world, mourning what it had lost, and was moved to action. The spider wove his web, beginning a new story. And from that story, all stories that had been before – the stories that had been real, read, spoken or imagined – lit back to life. From that story, all things were made possible.

• Comic book fantasy.
• No word count, option of free-form app/structured app.
• Populated by original characters, board canons and fandom re-imaginings.

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Most Wanted Canons:

Diana Prince (AMZN T) · Jackson (ATL) · Prince Charming (FAB)
Snow Queen (FAB ADV) · Ororo Munroe (FER) · Barda (GEN)
Barbara Gordon (GOTH KN) · Thomas Elliot (GOTH R) · Kara Zor-El (KRYP)
Ra's al Ghul (LAZ) · Raven Darkholme (LEV) · J'onn J'onnz (LIB)
Vandal Savage (MEN) · Slade Wilson (MEN) · Raven (PROM)
Xanadu (SHADPCT) · Hila (SHAD ATL) · Maximus (TWI)

Stepford Cuckoos

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