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The Final Battle

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The Final Battle Empty The Final Battle

Post by James Howlett on Sat Feb 22, 2014 9:52 pm

The Final Battle

The wind blew heavily, as it tore the roofs of houses and made cars fly. Xavier wheeled his way into the neighborhood that had been burned down by Jean, with his X-Men following him closely. Cyclops, Hank, Peter, Katy, Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee and Forge all walked behind Charles. A few feet behind them walked Wolverine, Armor and Nightcrawler. Iceman, Storm and Angel all hovered over professor X as he came to a stop.

On the other side stood the Brotherhood of Evil mutants. Quicksilver, Toad, Scarlett Witch, Mastermind, Blob, Mystique, Avalanche, Pyro, Juggernaut, Havok, Vulcan and Sabretooth. In front of them, stood Magneto, with his fists clenched.

"This is not the way Erik," Xavier shouted as he held his powers in check.

"It is. It is the only way! We have had enough of these filthy humans taking over our lives, killing us, hunting us...and we can do something about it. We can end them...you just had to let us...but you didn't, and you don't....It's time we put an end to that!" Magneto responded quickly, with a powerful growl that made the structures of the burned houses tremble.

Xavier shook his head, "Erik, one last time,...Stop this...NOW!" he pleaded, hoping his friend listened.

Magnus inhaled deeply, as he started to hover up into the air. As he stopped, his eyes widened, "Charles, I'm sorry, but I cannot do that," and with that, the Brotherhood attacked. They all ran against Charles, only to be stopped  by the X-Men, finally engaging in battle.

Cyclops and Havok faced each other, first by Scott punching his brother in the gut, "You had to be with them," Scott snarled as he jumped away from one of Alex's blasts, "Magneto is right, brother, stop being foolish," he growled back, as one of his blasts came out, focused in Scott's direction. However Cyclops defended himself by sending his own blast, causing the two beams to meet in mid-air, and start to struggle to be the best attack.

Iceman came down on Pyro, hurling several spikes of ice at him as he jumped into the air again. He made a ice bridge which he used as a way to walk in the air. Pyro growled, and nodded at the nearby Vulcan, that created an enormous source of fire, and handed it to Saint-John. Pyro handled it perfectly, making a huge sphere of fire, that made the sun look weak. Iceman countered this by making his own sphere of ice. They hurled them against one another both at the same time, and struggled to push them forwards.

Angel flew down, only to be punched up by Quicksilver and hurled even higher by a ball of chaos magic cast up by Scarlett Witch. Angel began to fall, but he quickly regained control, and headed down, swatting his wings just before he hit the ground. Quicksilver escaped the wind Worthington caused, but Wanda didn't, and she was nailed the floor. As Angel turned around, he was forced to swat the air with his wings again, and his wind met the tornado that Quicksilver had created and hurled at him...

Blob ran against Shadowcat, and tried to punch her, only to fail miserably. She phased through him, and Nightcrawler appeared on top of him. Blob flipped in the air, making Kurt appear on the ground next to Kitty. As Blob came down, he chuckled madly as he saw the two X-Men stand together, Crushed like two little kittens, he thought as he hit the floor. His first thought was that he smashed them, but that thought went away rather quickly as Kitty phased herself and Kurt through Blob's body.

Avalanche and Colossus locked horns, as Rasputin destroyed the shattered remains of Avalanche's seismic waves. Dominikos clapped as he pointed at Peter, but his powers proved to be ineffective on the metal skinned mutant, who proceeded to pounce into the air, and fall on Avalanche with all his might.

Gabriel Summers chewed a stick, as Rogue constantly tried to hit him. He was stronger, faster, and more agile. Every move she did he already planned on doing himself. Soon, Rogue found herself pushed against one of the houses, where she crashed through a house. She tried to move, but noticed a fallen pillar had pierced her body and punctured a lung. She tried to breath, but Vulcan pushed the pillar all the way through, effectively killing her.

A set of claws slashed Toad's chest, making him secrete green fluids, that he called blood. However he didn't give up there. He opened his jaw and hurled his tongue at Beast, grabbing him by the neck. Toad climbed a house and stood upside down, holding himself to a roof, holding Beast with his tongue. Hank's feet were off the ground and he was losing air. Fast. But a quick slash to Toad's tongue let Beast fall to the floor. Toad himself lost focus and fell as well, and was met with a sucker punch, that broke his jaw. Ray laid on the floor, jaw broken, ready to get up, but, he was unable to. Then Beast pounced on him, breaking his neck.

Jubilee and Storm made a big effort to try to get out of an illusion cast by Mastermind. They were in a dream world, with no humans, but they were constantly feeling pain, which obviously was being inflicted by Mastermind in the real world. Storm yelled in the illusion, making it shatter to pieces, and then held Mastermind by his throat, electrocuting him.

Gambit ran at Mystique, his pole in hand, as Forge followed him with several weapons in his grasp. Mystique seemed to not be carrying any melee weapons, as she arrived in front of Rémy. He swung his pole at her, only to have Mystique morph into a child and evade it. Mystique then morphed into Rogue and kicked the pole away. As she approached, Forge blasted her away with his ray gun.

A button clicked in Armor's mind, as she generated her psionic body armor. Juggernaut ran at her, and tried to knock Armor away, only to be stopped instantly. Armor held her index finger up and mouthed wait, and then let out a cry, exploding from her once calm demeanor, and ripped Juggernaut from the ground with a punch. She ran after him, and while he was still being thrown back, Armor kicked and punched him further and further. Once he hit what was formerly a house, he was already bruised and battered.

Wolverine popped his claws out as he cracked his neck. Sabretooth ran at him, nails popped out, as both animals yelled. As Victor fell on top of Logan, Wolverine twisted his body kicking Sabretooth in the chest. Creed flipped in the air, and began to fall down again. Logan pounced away from the ground, and they met in mid air. Sabretooth slashed Logan's face, as Wolverine pierced his shoulders with his claws. Logan switched their positions and when they fell, he still had his claws lodged inside Sabretooth's body. Pulling them out, he only thrust his arm forwards once, as he cut Victor's head off cleanly. He then stabbed it for good measure.

Both sides continued to fight, as Magneto held back Xavier's psychic blast that would now most likely disintegrate everyone in a 5 mile radius, since Magneto had accidentally powered it up with his own powers. As Charles and Eric growled, everyone turned to their leaders.

Havok and Cyclops stopped fighting and simply looked on. Iceman and Pyro both ran at their leaders, hoping to aid them. Angel flew to Charles, as Quicksilver ran to his father, only to be stopped by Wanda. Blob quickly got up, and punched both Kitty and Kurt away, before he began to run to Magneto's side. Colossus ripped Avalanche's head off, with a punch, as he noticed many running to Magneto and Charles. He did the same soon after, running after Blob. Storm held Jubilee as she flew to Charles. Forge, Gambit and Mystique all looked on, and decided to remain still. Armor crushed Juggernaut, before looking at their leaders engage in battle. Wolverine did not pop his claws back in. In fact he was more tense than ever.

And then, blackness. Magneto could hold the wave no longer. It blasted everyone away. Xavier was the first to perish, turning into nothing but ashes. Iceman and Pyro were next, each crumbling into remains of fire and ice. Angel was thrown back and cut in bits, and only a sole feather remained. Blob was pushed back, hitting Colossus, which killed Peter on impact. Frederick was soon dismantled. Storm let Jubilee fall to try and save her, but that only made the wave get to her faster, disintegrating her. Storm closed her eyes, as she scanned to see if Xavier was alive before turning into nothing. Havok, as he saw the wave coming, placed himself in front of Scott, and let out his last wave, which protected Cyclops from the battle that had already killed so many. However, Havok was lost.

Gambit, at seeing the wave come for him and Forge, used his kinetic ability to hurl everything they had against it, only mildly slowing it down, before it him them. Rémy tackled Forge, and the wave barely missed them. Armor was able to withstand the wave easily, and by doing that, she saved Shadowcat and Nightcrawler, however, Beast failed to survive. Vulcan was able to block the wave on his end, coming out unharmed. Mystique morphed into a small rodent and hid in one of the many holes the street now had, and so, the wave missed her. Scarlett Witch protected herself and her brother using a wall of chaos magic, making the wave allow them to live. Wolverine was hit by the wave, and was thrown several feet away. He came to, about thirty minutes later, healing himself, next to his still alive teammates. Magneto was next to his kids and Vulcan, as they witnessed with horror what the wave had done. It had made more than half of New York perish!

The Final Battle Wolverine
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