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Born From the Ashes: Jcink (Au Marvel/DC(comic/movie based))

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Born From the Ashes: Jcink (Au Marvel/DC(comic/movie based)) Empty Born From the Ashes: Jcink (Au Marvel/DC(comic/movie based))

Post by Oliver Queen on Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:10 pm

[align=center]Born From the Ashes: Jcink (Au Marvel/DC(comic/movie based)) BFTAAD_zps09e5bec7

The Marvel Universe is renowned for the presence of fantastic superhuman beings, the supernatural, and the cosmic. Some have claimed it is the 'prime reality" in which events of universal significance occur (and, indeed, megaversal and/or Omniversal significance), though other cross-dimensional entities state it is no more significant than any other reality in the overall scheme of things. Regardless of whose claims are right, this reality is designated as number 616 (thus, Earth-616) to differentiate it among the infinite numbers of alternate realities.

The basic concept of the DC Universe is that it is just like the real world, but with superheroes and supervillains existing in it. To coincide with the Marvel Universe depicted here we are allowing both Comic and Movie/TV DC characters to exist in the same realm as that of Marvel. This may include editing or changing where characters are based as most of this world is based in NYC.

Born from the Ashes is an AU Marvel/DC Universe. It is a mixture of comic and movie lore. The world is constantly living and breathing, which means change. Flexible to accept all sorts within the universe of Marvel/DC. THIS IS NOT A MULTI FANDOM BUT EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE WITH ADMIN APPROVAL!![/align]

Oliver Queen

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