Xmen: New Genesis
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Welcome to New Genesis, citizens are required to declare mutant abilities upon entry, if you are a mutant receive your identification tattoo and please proceed to District X. If you are a human declare yourself in your application and remember what good Genesis does for our country. Good Day.

Opened: 2/15/2014
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Post by Alchemy Lehnsherr on Sun Feb 16, 2014 5:08 am

Welcome to New Genesis

After a savage war waged by the mutants reffered to as Xmen or the Brotherhood, the United Nations enacted a plan that would bring us into the glorious age we now reside in. Authorizing the armed forces to use lethal force in the form of a bullet holding the cure for the mutant gene, coupled with a poison, on any and all mutants deemed hostile, the mutant threat was terminated and the next generation of civilized living was permitted to begin.

The act in question was called The X Initiative, this act protected all non-violent citizens of civilized countries afflicted with the mutant gene. All mutants were required to register there abilities with the Center for Disease Control and receive a indetification tattoo int he form of a barcode. The United States of America, sacrificed its borders and welcomed mutants from across the globe that survived the brutal world war so they may be treated for the mutant gene and made a judicial member of society. This action gave birth to a new land refereed to as, New Genesis.

Humans and Mutants are not permitted to live together or interact outside of business, fraternizing outside your species subtext is punishable by law. Humans and Mutants are not permitted to use the same restrooms or public eateries. Citizen-X districts have been formed for the safe and convenient housing of Mutant kind.

When a child has reached the age of five they shall be given a leg monitor to ensure they remain human. If they do not remain human the child is removed from the home and placed in one of the Citizen Districts. The government reserves the right to subject any citizen of New Genesis to testing in regards to humanity.

New Genesis is your home, and together we can breed a Mutant Free World.
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